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Monday, December 30, 2013 @ 11:18 PM

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Saturday, October 12, 2013 @ 6:59 PM
DOPE test


You're Test Taker #: 69,400

Your Score: 35%

You are the Detail Seeker and have:
-- Low Assertiveness
-- Low Emotionality

Your type's description is:

Logical, mathematically minded, methodical and sometimes seen as a perfectionist. They can be slow to make decisions and inflexible if rules and logic says otherwise. They are not big risk takers but love detail..

Here's how you scored on the other types:

Unfortunately, Im not an eagle anym but i do know im versatile. Different types of Qs do affect my result thou. I last did in Sept and was an eagle plus owl? or was it peacock?
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 @ 10:58 PM
Work at Great Eastern

Well, i probably never post about all my different type of job experiences because I'm lazy and cant be bothered with blogging.

Today, i shall post about my job as a telemarketer in Great Eastern. We associate telemarketer as pinoys, cheeenas, irritating, annoying, scams, etc etc. That's somehow what i perceived them to be in the past, and also now to a certain extend. If they sound local, i m still alright. But if its those very foreign voice, i definitely wont entertain cause i scare is scam.

So, the job started by ChunFong bringing me in to be his telemarketer as he's selling insurance in GE. I always had a difficult time remembering my first time working there lor but i guess its a year ago maybe dec 2011 and then march 2012.

I didnt work long actually. 7 day in total from both period. The first time i went i did considerably well for a teen and first timer. 1, 3, 3, 4 is the number of appointment i clinched. then the second time i went back was rather back, i rmb it was a brand new season then and we had difficulty clinching appt and we came to a conclusion that it is due to timing problem haha. That's what i and another TM concluded. She's hired by Vincent by the way. I worked 3 day only but i guess i clinched 5 appt or even lesser? Totally no clue. At that time, Vincent is whom i felt the fashionable agent.

Ever since then, i felt so demoralised that i never wanna go back. At the same time, i wanna go back cause the pay was soooo good and timing was so flexible. I like working from 10-2 and then going town to shop and going home before 10 so i can get sufficient rest for work next day. So june 2013, i worked at my cousin's company. A website builder and apps and whatever u can think in that line. I was in charge of an artist website backend thou. It took a toll on my eyesight but i enjoyed working. Good pay, chunfong send me to work, long hour so time is money, not tedious etc.

Then, i felt so paiseh cause chunfong is really damn nice to send me to work and we normally have breakfast before that. I even thought the job will end in 3days and i will work for chunfong. That's my plan. I didnt wanna make use of hitching a free ride or what and i always said that im going to go back to work but time didnt permit. So now it's septemeber holiday! 6 week of holiday! 8 sept, he came over my house to give me mooncake again from marriot hotel somemore. You see larh, this kind of guy really make me and my sister spoilt only. So i say okay, give me rest and maybe 10th i will start liao. Planning to start alr you know but i just kept taobaoing and tving and slacking. I didnt go out often this time round. Then i slacked and thought of starting on 16th sept then i realise its a mon thats too diff to wake up then i say ok tue or wed start but by then that week fri i got makeup lesson and i was real lazy in short.

Then for i dont know what reason, after fyp stuff on 23th and haircut and steamboat on 24th, i find my life not that entertaining. Maybe cause after makeup lesson, i realise i can wake up as early as 7am and not 2pm. I realise i shouldnt stop my momentum. With that gush of siaoness, i ask chunfong to 'hire' me hahah he waited long enough alr!! and tadah, i started my first day of work on 25th sept. I dont intend to quit within three day or a week i guess because im enjoying it again. To put it simply, on day one of work, i got 3 appt while the rest who worked there awhile didnt get. That boost my morale partly. Importantly is that whenever work gets so sian cause of no appt and when one appt is achieved, the shiokness is rly shiok daoooo but of cause down side is you get really sian when theres no appt.

Tmr onwards, im working in the morning unless im rly bored then maybe afternoon slot. Morning is that chances are chunfong can send me to work and he get to wake up early cause of me and we both get to go work tgt.

So today's work was soooo entertaining! I was damn sian cause i had 1.5h of training then lunch made me sleepy. After an hour, i clinched my first appt and got all shiok! Then it died down for 1.5hr i guess. No appt at all but then thats when all the fun came, got a number of call backs. And clinched the first call back with an appt. then next, was someone whose info given to me is messed up but yet i just take him for who he is and served him. Settle the call and chatted abit with a newbie agent and idk why we got stuff all damn funny. Maybe cause got cf there so rly i can shoot here and there. I cnt rmb what i said that got us laughing but i rmb when we laughed even worse is that i told her the caller who called me is a guy but on my list is an older women and has the same initial alphabet and we just started laughing heartily. Even vincent also think we siao. He happened to be on my left this time round. Last time was behind me. I dont like ppl sitting next to me cause i need to articulate my words and i speak loud and i scare i paiseh myself. Sometime, to market sth, i cnt act too formal need to be auntie you know. But oh well, at least everyone there know that we are all doing for sales.

Then suddenly when time flies and it was close to 7pm and i got 2 more call left, I was all about going home. Second last call, im like see the name should be wont buy. Then, suddenly he stopped and listen to me and i knw sth is gg to be on the right track liao!!!! Excited max and then vincent and cf were chatting and i heard them talking about getting recruits and when i half looking at vincent he was signalling me, like asking when cf gonna recruit me hahah but the ans was im too young, 18 only. Ok larh i gg 19 but requirement is 21. I may consider part time. I wanted to do part time alr but then suddenly i felt that the job too tough for me but today i see the way i call, if i improve more i rly is can sell one? I guess so. That's when i got all excited to see recognition cause before that the newbie alr say i suit this line and nw with vincent hinting cf and plus me clinching a deal freaking soon, i was too excited to tell cf that i actually forgotten to ask medical condition. But small issue.

Hahha. i took 1hr to type this out because i just like typing tiny weeny bits of my life. Off to watch zhen huan zhuan ep 47 on chn 8. Cya!

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Monday, September 09, 2013 @ 7:42 PM
San Francisco - Day of Arrival

Touching down at San Francisco made one feels so blessed. Looking at the top right photo, i remember how i felt upon touching down. The view was awesome! We passed by LA i think and i mistook it for SF lor, but both are equally pretty from above!:) Dinner cum supper at In and Out but apparently mainly beef lor and their fries not as fantastic as SG's McDonald. Also, they have Dr Pepper there! I remember Restaurent City has it in the game and the first mouth of it is also my last one :x It tasted horrible, like coke + pepper? Haha.

p/s: I actually posted the drafts of other posts and hence it seemed like i have always been blogging but actually no. Many of which are actually drafts that i typed out at least 6 month ago, around Jan period and saved as drafts till today :)

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@ 5:24 PM

Oh my, it has been 9 months or more since i last blogged!

I guess it's about time for me to be back to blogging.

Some stuffs that i should be blogging in the near future would be:
Laos trip
USA trip
My life in poly
Reflection of a polytechnic student
Updates on my driving lessons

Till then,
Li Qing

p/s: I believe I have several drafts so i'm gonna post them asap and do scroll down!

Update At 8:13pm, i finally changed the template to close to what i desired it to be. I seriously suck at html! Forgotten whatever i learnt :( Worse, i dont even know how to ensure that the image size is default to be of the width of the body :(
Friday, December 28, 2012 @ 5:17 PM
28Dec - Pay Day for Little X'mas Hat